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Residential Services

Propane is an environmentally friendly alternative for powering all of your residential needs from heating your house to the more luxurious needs of pool and spa heating, all for a more cost efficient price!

  • Heating Your House – Heating your house has always been a huge priority for homeowners for as long as we can remember. Propane furnaces are now considered the best choice for heating your house because they not only reduce monthly energy costs and increase efficiency all together, they are also typically preferred over electric heaters because of their quality conditioning provided. Propane furnaces offer a more flexible design, allowing for either vertical or horizontal venting, and heats up temperatures 25 degrees warmer than electric heaters. Another added bonus would be how transportable propane furnaces can be, allowing for homeowners to reclaim hundreds of additional square feet of living space during the more chilling months of the year when using propane-fueled patio furnaces.
  • Water Heating – Modern technology such as the tankless water heater, have made it even easier to obtain hot water while reducing energy costs by as much as 60% and operate up to 98% efficiency compared to electric heaters. Typical tankless water heaters last anywhere from 5 to 10 years longer than electric water heaters while saving you 12 to 16 square feet of floor space.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Appliances – Indoor and Outdoor appliances powered by propane are considered much safer with their instant start and stop gas burners, allowing for the appliance to cool of quicker. Propane appliances are also considered superior to electric appliances by chefs as stated by the American Gas Association, where 96% of chefs prefer cooking with propane due to its better heat control and better heat distribution.
  • Pool and Spa Heating – Propane pool and spa heaters bring water temperatures to a more desirable level much quicker end efficiently compared to electric heaters, allowing you to take advantage of more of your free time without waiting for the water to heat.


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