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Emergency Procedure for a Propane Tank Leak

If you smell gas in your house, workplace, or around any gas equipment or appliance, follow this emergency procedure step by step to ensure safety for everyone.

Step by Step Actions:

Step 1:

1. Put out any and all smoking materials and other open flames
2. DO NOT operate electric switches
3. DO NOT light any matches or lighters
4. DO NOT turn on or use your phone

Any spark or flame in the area where propane gas is present may ignite the gas. This could include the spark of a light switch, telephone turning on, burner, pilot light, cigarette lighter, fan operating or a refrigerator motor running. Even the static electricity generated from walking across a room may cause the gas to ignite, so refrain from making any unnecessary movement when evacuating the area.

Step 2:

Immediately remove and evacuate from the area, making sure that everyone is at a safe distance away from the building, vehicle, trailer or general area that the propane is present.

Step 3:

Close all gas tank or cylinder supply valves

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Step 4:

Use your neighbors phone, or when a safe distance away, your cellphone to call a trained propane service person as well as the fire department. DO NOT re-enter the building, vehicle, trailer or area where the propane is present without first getting permission from a trained service person or the fire department adviser stating that it is safe to return.

Step 5:

Let the trained propane service person or firefighters check the area for escaped gas, making sure that they air out the area before returning to ensure safety to all those present.

Step 6:

Make sure that the trained propane service person follows these steps to ensure safety to everyone.

1. Repair the leak
2. Pressure check the system
3. Check all the gas appliances
4. Turn on the gas appliances
5. Check all the gas appliances again to make sure they are working correctly
6. Re-light the pilots on any remaining appliances

Step 7:

Re-enter the area only after the trained service person has finished his repairs and inspection and you have the permission from the firefighter adviser stating that it is safe to return.