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About Us

Hometown Energy is the local propane and propane tank retailer in Mt. Carmel Illinois and the many surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on our professional and time efficient service we provide to our customers, making sure they are well taken care of. We stand behind our motto, “Keeping Our Customers Warm”.

Hometown Energy Services

We at Hometown Energy proudly provide a variety of services to our Agricultural, Commercial and Residential clientele within our servicing area. We make sure that every one of our customers has their requested equipment and resources delivered in a timely manor. We provide a simple way for our customers to submit propane orders through our propane delivery form, allowing our customers faster access to our propane without the hassle of waiting in line.


We provide a wide variety of services for our commercial clientele including transportation, preparation and checkups upon request.


We offer a wide variety of services to our residential clientele at very reasonable prices, allowing our residential customers the opportunity to afford what they need.


Hometown Energy provides reliable and energy efficient propane systems for our many Agricultural clientele. With over 830,000 farmers across the United States taking advantage of propane powered irrigation systems, it may be time for you to realize the power to responsibly run operations in and out of the field!


Propane has changed the way many people and companies perceive energy, allowing a broader spectrum of people to take advantage of propane efficiency and reliability provided by a simple and easy to understand system. Take your step in realizing the power of propane and contact us for more information and options for your conversion to propane based energy!